Integrated Logistics Services


Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

Our company has been active in the field of trade, distribution and transportation since 1995.

The departments were gradually staffed with both the living potential and the necessary means necessary for its proper functioning.

Our principles, such as quality, hard work, honesty and consistency make us very proud. The above make the difference by bringing customers and suppliers close to us by building a mutual trust relationship that is built on a daily basis.

The company is staffed with members who share the same philosophy, thinking and principles as well as the ideas needed to modernize and grow it.

We invest in human relationships, human resources, facilities and management & organization systems to serve our customers and suppliers immediately and properly.

What we can provide you

  • Ordering in all national chain stores
  • Ordering, pricing and distribution at local chains, group members, smaller retail outlets and wholesalers
  • Merchandising at national and local Super Market chains
  • Logistics services with full package of warehousing, storage, distribution services.

Why choose us

3,200 m² Warehouse and Offices
With over 3 acres of warehouse, we are the only one who can supply you with a huge range of products.
Great coverage
We cover the areas of Prefecture of Corinth, Prefecture of Argolida, Argosaronic Islands and West Attica.
Fast Delivery
The use of new technologies in our daily life ensures high quality services without delay.
Delayed delivery
We have the experience and you can count on our specialized staff for any kind of delivery.