Operation Structure


Full computerized coverage through the trading system E.R.P.

ERP Ziouvas
Integrated computerization of E.R.P.

Warehouse management system that ensures the correct application of the FIFO, FEFO, LIFO rules for more efficient stock management.

Organized warehouse for the right time for picking up and picking and packing, which goes through a scanner before billing.

Mobile Sales

mobile sales
Ability to order from anywhere

Sales connection to the merchant through a Sales Support and Tracking System with fully-equipped tablets that are connected to the real-time E.R.P. , with multiple benefits such as immediate download from warehouse managers for better and faster customer service.

G.P.S. Tracking

Delivery consistently
Delivery consistently

Attached G.P.S. on all vehicles in the business, with minute-by-minute analysis of the vehicle’s route, parking time and a wealth of information on the route of each vehicle.